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Money Transfer

You can easily transfer money from Apna Digital Service anytime, anywhere and this is an easy way to transfer money and also it is secure and authentic. This facility is provided to you 24 hours a day 365 days. Apna Digital Service has a robust intra-bank transfer and IMPS facility, using which our Adhikari can help customers remit funds to a wide array of banks or locations in real-time. The money is safe during transit, thanks to the highly secure process with multiple authentication levels. Apna Digital Service Wallet is an RBI approved semi-closed PPI wallet linked to the sender’s mobile number which is highly secure.

You can without much of a stretch exchange cash from Apna Digital Service whenever, anyplace and this is a simple method to move cash and furthermore it is secure and genuine. This office is given to you 24 hours every day 365 days. Apna Digital Service has a strong intra-bank move and IMPS office, utilizing which our Adhikari can assist clients with transmitting assets to a wide cluster of banks or areas continuously. The cash is protected during travel, because of the exceptionally secure cycle with numerous verification levels. Apna Digital Service Wallet is a RBI endorsed semi-shut PPI wallet connected to the sender's versatile number which is exceptionally secure.

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